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More Than Just a PR Firm

Meet Our Owner

Our owner, Karen Morgan has a dynamic background working for both the public and private communication sectors. She has more than 15 years of experience working in the PR industry, and 5 years of experience in providing veterans’ training services.

Karen started her career as an intern at legendary radio station WJLB. Upon completing her internship, she was hired as the station copywriter and the producer of the Mildred Gaddis Show.

She found working in radio both exhilarating and addicting. The experience created a love for communications and the communications industry that continues until this day. After her tenure at WJLB, Karen held various roles at several other stations including WDET, WCHB, and WMGC before leaving radio to work in Communications in the United States House of Representatives.

While serving as a Communication Director working with the House Judiciary Committee, Karen became involved in the regulatory side of the Communications industry. In 2003, she organized an FCC hearing in Detroit to discuss the proposed ownership rules required by the Communications Act. This hearing, which involved four of the five FCC Commissioners, became an integral part of the court appeal that overturned most of the rule revisions under the FCC Media Consolidation Order.

Karen was also involved in the transition to DTV, working with the FCC and several advocacy groups to:

  • Pressure the FCC and the Chairman of the Commerce Committee into supporting legislation to delay the deadline for the transition from February 17, 2009 until June 12, 2009
  • Design an outreach program to reach senior citizens and non- English-speaking citizens who were blissfully unaware of the impending transition

Karen turned her attention to veterans when several members of the Michigan Congressional Delegation asked her to create a public outreach vehicle that would communicate their support for the troops who had been recently deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Many servicemen and their families mistakenly believed that their legislators did not support them due to those legislators’ repeated, criticism of both the wars and the decision to put Americans in harm’s way.

The resulting program, called “Hugs for the Holidays,”  raised nearly $20,000 in six days to help the families of deployed service men enjoy a festive Christmas.

Due to the relationships she built overseeing “Hugs for the Holidays” she was charged with investigating inequities in the pilot training program. As part of this effort she created an advisory board which consisted of: The Tuskegee Airmen, The Black Pilots Association and Bessie Coleman Association. 

Karen started her own public relations firm, The Write Idea in Detroit, Michigan, upon her departure from the U.S. House of Representatives. However, most of her potential clients were drawn to her ability to interact effectively with the federal government. So, while The Write Idea was created to be a public relations firm, it functioned as a government consulting firm.

This situation eventually gave Karen the opportunity to combine her two biggest interests when a company that trained veterans for jobs in broadband asked her to help them obtain a federal contract to train Michigan veterans for jobs outside the state. In an effort to provide services to veterans and telecoms in Michigan, Karen created a training program to prepare veterans for jobs in their own state.

Karen holds a B.A. in Journalism from Wayne State University and is pursuing a M.A. in Public Relations & Organizational Communications. She also has a strong desire to create a model that will allow government contractors and telecoms to work together to train the workforce of the future.

Capability Statement

Business Summary

The Write Idea is a full service public relations firm with experience in Marketing, Politics, Community Outreach, Event Planning, Messaging, Identifying and engaging target markets, Crisis Control, Niche Marketing, Utilizing non-traditional media,

Performance History

We have participated in successful P.R Campaigns for a number of high profile projects including:

  • Transition to DTV - Helped identify the two groups (people for whom English was a second language and senior citizens) that had not been reached by the national public outreach campaign and worked with the FCC and other stakeholder to both delay implementation of the transition and design a supplemental campaign to reach these individuals.
  • Race to Equity Project to establishment Michigan’s only Truth and Reconciliation Commission to examine housing segregation, its history and its continued effects. Played a key role in designing the media campaign to both publicize the event and solicit nominations for the commission. 
  • Rosa Parks Funeral - Helped disseminate information on the death of the civil rights icon to various media outlets and worked with officials at Greater Grace Temple to coordinate press credentials for the hundreds of media outlets that wished to send a representative to the ceremony.
  • Hugs for the Holidays - Designed a community outreach program that raised nearly $20,000 in six days to ensure that the families of deployed service men in the 14th Congressional District enjoyed a festive Christmas.

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Small Business Certifications:

  • WOSB
  • HubZone Certified

Performance History

Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion

Minority Media and Telecommunications Council (MMTC)

Charles H. Ellis III/Greater Grace Temple

Virgie Rollins Chair DNC African-American Caucus

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