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The Write Idea

Broadband Training Program

Opening a world of opportunities in Broadband.


Online Training Program 

The roll-out of 5G means faster data speeds, ultrafast connections, state of the art equipment and a greater demand for trained technicians.

Right now, there are literally hundreds of jobs looking for qualified workers. If you have a background in:

  • wireless/broadband technology;
  • IT/ Computer Programming;
  • Engineering;
  • Any related technical field

Or just a strong interest in starting a new career as a

Broadband Technician, Fiber Technician or Cable Installer contact The Write Idea.

Due to the huge demand for trained technicians and the current pandemic The Write Idea is now offering training on-line. Students will have access to a live instructor during class time and by appointment.

To be considered for The Write Idea’s Broadband/Wireless Training Program potential candidates must have: 

  • The ability to see color (applicants that suffer from colorblindness will be immediately disqualified)
  • The capacity to perform basic math applications (addition, subtraction and fractions)
  • A willingness to commit to a (2-5 week training program)
  • A strong work ethic (participant can sign into training on time and be prepared to learn)
  • A desire to be part of the rapidly growing broadband/wireless industry (entry level techs make between $11-$18 an hour depending on the job)
  • A clean driving record
  • No felony convictions
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